Electron Brush Studio manufactures peerless photo products made of pure metal or alloy. The special technology we use to modify the surface of a metal was developed by us in 2014 and we have been making brilliant metallic photos for our customers ever since. Electron Brush Studio is the first company to produce high resolution images on metal substrates using a range of chemical reactions rather than other conventional methods such as printing or laser etching. At Electron Brush Studio, continual innovation is a top priority.  Our approach to generate images on metal was introduced with limitations – back in 2014, as it worked only on titanium substrates.  In 2016 we have successfully expanded our metallic photo family to gold, silver, copper, iron, and a lot more.  Our customers deserve perfection in the products we make and satisfaction in the services we provide.  We are committed to achieving Customer Satisfaction through team work, operational excellence, and making customer specific crafted pieces.    

High Resolution Images on Metal Substrates

High Resolution Images on Metal Substrates


Our custom photo product called photoonmetal is made of pure metal or alloy.  Currently used metals include gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, iron, nickel and titanium.  Different chemical approaches are selected to modify the surface of the metal to generate colors.  In the case of titanium photos, colors are generated by manipulating the incident light using a rainbow-like ultra-thin titanium layer we created on the surface.  These metallic photos have several advantages over traditional printed photos including unlimited lifetime, near indestructible body, and unique eye-catching appearance.  Photoonmetal allows our customers to create a luxurious and everlasting photo with unparalleled quality that can’t be replicated. 


To order your own photoonmetal please contact us by email.  Attach the pictures you would like created along with your choices on the metal type and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also call or visit our partner, The Art World, in Edmonton to place your order.  Please note that all our quotes are in Canadian dollars (CAD).   


All our products are made in Canada.  Worldwide shipping is available.  


Copper/brass/bronze Photo: shipped within 5 business days

Titanium Photo: shipped within 3 business days

Plated Silver/Gold Photo: shipped within 5-10 business days   

Solid Silver/Gold Photo: please contact for more information   


Metal Color Lock

Metal Color Lock

Aluminium photo


Silver Hybrid

Silver-poly hybrid photo

Silver plated photo



Upcoming Shows:

November 12 – The Art World (Kingsway Mall)

September 17&18 – Reynolds-Alberta Museum Special Event-Metal Art Show and Sale  


Starting in April 2016 a clear coating is now added to the metal surface for each of the following reasons: (1)extra protection for metals like silver or copper; (2)adding textures; (3)adding special effects to the photo such as photoluminescence or 3D.